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You will arrive at Kaoshung (pronounced - gow/shung) to be taken on the one and a half hour drive south to Kenting where there are several popular beaches. These beaches range from beach breaks, to point breaks, left and right.

Depending on the time of year, you will see a variety of wave types. The typhoon months of July to October bring high surf and epic waves. But generally during the rest of the year the surf  is of a good size and consistent. We rarely don't get waves. 

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We have several accommodation places that are used when the surf works best. This is the great part about Taiwan...it's not a big country but it does have lots of good surf spots.

There are also several secret spots where we surf without any surfers. These are just a few of the possibilities. Your wave count will be higher than other places.

The South China Sea side at the southern tip of the island offers great beach breaks, while the journey around the southern tip and into the Pacific Ocean side other has point breaks to die for.

During the summer months, Penghu Island has near perfect beach breaks that are clean, and close to the beach. Easy paddling, un-crowded, and pure fun. The Island life of Penghu is something to be experienced. 

For long boarding, Penghu has it all. Laid back lifestyle and clear water  waves. The low tide beach breaks will blow you away. When the Typhoon season hits, from July through September, Penghu becomes a peaky A-Frame beach break that is fun, fast and furious. Pure Stoke!

When you visit Taiwan we will take good care of you. From airport pick-up to transport on a daily basis, to accommodation and the great night life, Taiwan will truly surprise you.

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