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We offer un-crowded, quality waves, friendly people, good food, and an exciting alternative to surfers who are looking for the new frontier in surfing.  

Taiwan is a hidden jewel in surfing terms because surfing has only recently found it's way here. The enthusiasm and excitement of new, uncharted surf spots is too much to resist. 

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Click here for a cool movie of The Taiwan Kid Skater. He's a downhill skater and there's nowhere he won't skate...his dog goes along for the ride too! 

You can contact Mark Tung (The Skateboard Traveler) by email at dmss@ms59.hinet.net - he'd love to hear from you.
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Taiwan Surf Tours has regular surf tours to South Taiwan where the water is warm and the waves are consistent. As an added feature, during the summer months of June through September, the tours include the extra location of Penghu Island which lies off the West coast of Taiwan in the Taiwan Straits between China and Taiwan. 

Taiwan is an exciting new surf location. Surfing has been here for only 8 years, so you can imagine the number of surf spots yet to be discovered, let alone surfed! The cost of living is cheap, and the lifestyle is relatively untouched by the West. Discover Ten Commandments of Surfing. Taiwan may be the new kid on the block, but we are learning fast - come and join us - you will always be welcome.


 For travel information check EVA AIR when planning your visit to Taiwan. 

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In South Taiwan we have year round surf. Your tour guides  provide local knowledge for the best surf locations for the time of year you are there.  

Accommodation is hotel style or backpacker style living quarters (your choice). We provide all transport with roomy VW vans to carry you and your gear to the surf and sightseeing. At night, Taiwan's famous night markets provide a wonderful new experience in shopping for almost anything you can imagine. It truly is the best of Asian life with surfing, sightseeing, and new adventure. And you will create memories that will last.

To make bookings, get prices, and discuss the best times of year that suit your schedule, please email Greg, Sammy or Toumei for detailed infomation. 
Contact info@taiwansurftours.com

The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese (Guoyu), but because many Taiwanese are of southern Fujianese descent, Min-nan (the Southern Min dialect, or Holo) is also widely spoken. The smaller groups of Hakka people and aborigines have also preserved their own languages. Many elderly people can also speak some Japanese, as they were subjected to Japanese education before Taiwan was returned to Chinese rule in 1945 after the Japanese occupation which lasted for half a century.

The most popular foreign language in Taiwan is English, which is part of the regular school curriculum. However, to be on the safe side, when taking a taxi in Taiwan it is advisable to prepare a note with your place of destination written in Chinese to show the taxi driver.

Japanese and Chinese language

When you fly into to Taiwan, make your first landing point at Kaoshung - this will save you time and money. Most flights will land you at Taipei, but this means and extra 2 nights stay in Taipei hotels and 2 days of lost surfing time.

Contact us at: info@taiwansurftours.com

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For surfers who are beginner level, we recommend and use Liquid Shredder Softboards in our surf school. We stand by these boards for one simple reason...they work and they last. These are the preferred softboard used by many surf schools.

Liquid Shredder are constructed with tough inner core that has a thick wood stringer, and a strong outer aircraft vinyl skin that is very durable. Liquid Shredder softboards are the only softboard on the market that you wax...just like a hardboard.

Click to see a Liquid Shredder speed movie


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